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In African spirituality based on Islamic secrets, Talismans or Tabeet are very important. They've been used to fix several causes or problems that life brings to everyone, By his ancestors secrets, Professor Salam is able to fix any kind of issues regarding your personal life. Most of the problems could be fixed by using Talismans (or Tabeet) or combinated by Black Magic process. Here you could find examples of the Islamic Talismans used in African Spirituality.

Protection and Luck Talisman:
Could protect you against your enemies.
Also brings you luck and success on your own projects.

Talisman Used For Prosperity:
Looking for business success, prosperity in a business transaction, wealth etc...
Here is your solution.

This talisman could be used for many issues such as: Fear Protection, Sins or Mystical Abuse, Send a spell to loved one etc..

These are just examples, there is over hundreds of Talismans in our African Spirituality. There is solution for each problem.

Don't hesitate to ask.
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